1. I phone Menu                                         
  2. Identification of I phone
  3. Types of Touch screen
  4. Structure of I phone
  5. Identification of I phone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4GS, 5.
  6. Short forms & full forms.
  7. Details of I phone 4G – PCB
  8. Configuration of Duck Connector.
  9. IC’S Overview.
  10. Assembling & Disassembling
    1. I phone
    2. Android
    3. Blackberry
  11. Problems.
    1. On/off switch, Menu, Hold Key
    2. Speaker, MIC, Charging, USB
    3. Volume, Up/Down, Head phone
    4. Ear Speaker & Sensor
    5. Insert SIM card
    6. Display
    7. Touch screen
  12. Blackberry Overview.
  13. Android Overview.

    1. Blackberry:-

    a. Password Unlocking
    b. Country Unlocking
    c. Flashing, S/W Up gradation
    d. Data Backup & Restore
    e. Formatting
    f. Error Solution

    2. I phone:-

    a. Discussion about I phone & Its Tools.
    b. Jail breaking, Types of Jail Breaking, Jail breaking Tools.
    c. All Type Unlocking (Country)
    d. Music, Video Upload
    e. Password Unlocking
    f. Flashing, S/W Up gradation
    g. S/W Downgrade
    h. Error Solution

    3. Android:-

    a. Knowledge Of Android & Its Operating System
    b. Recovery Mode Of Android
    c. Pattern Lock of Google A/C Locks Solution. (All Type Of Mobile)
    d. Update & Following & Samsung Android.
    e. Discussion about Update & Flashing of Sony, HTC, China, LG & Others.
    f. Root of Android Phone & It Advantage & Disadvantage.