Chip Level:-
  1. Basic Electronics:-
    Introduction to all testing instruments
    AC & DC Supply, Resistor with its ohm’s low,
    Diodes with rectifiers, Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers
    Transistors & MOSFET, Integrated Chips
    Component Checking by Digital Multi-Meter
    Types of Power Supply & it’s Working
    Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    Diagnostic Card

  2. Instrument Handling:-
    Soldering & De-soldering, Digital Multimeter
    Removing ICS by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine)

  3. Chip Level Practical – Using Solder Iron, SMD Machine, Soldering Wire, De-soldering Pump etc.

  4. SMPS & Laptop Adapter

  5. Using Oscilloscope & Diagnostic Card.
    Battery Section, LCD Repairing, Keyboard & Touchpad.
    CPU Fundamental, Power Sequence, Different Section Detail.

  6. Motherboard :-
    Detailed Descriptions of Motherboard.
    Identification of Motherboard
    Identification Ports, Sockets, Slots & Jack also.
    Common Problem of Motherboards.

  7. Troubleshooting (Chip Level):-
    Fault finding Tips, Repairing Techniques of audio section.
    Repairing Hardware Issues.
    Repairing Software Issues.
    Repairing Techniques of VRM Section.
    Cool Testing (Tracing).
    Hot Testing of Mother Board.
    Identification of all IC’s.
    Wi-Fi Circuit Testing
    Charging Circuit Testing
    C.C.F.L. Testing
    Inverter Circuit Testing.