Laptop Repairing course and Training institute in Mumbai

We have been helping our students for many years now and we understand how important it is for them to get reliable and effective training in whichever field they want to make a career in. Our courses give them detailed knowledge of laptop and computer hardware. We train and teach them how to maintain the laptops and how to identify the complex problems that may get unnoticed even after paying unmitigated attention.
You will get trained on how to identify basic laptop/computer computers, work with the numbering system, troubleshoot and maintain even the most complex and branded laptops, configure, maintain, and nullify the issues of the operating system.

As the best Laptop Repairing Course and Training Institute in Mumbai, we are open to anyone and everyone. Our training is targeted for entry-level computer service technicians and for young tech-savvy students who want to help the industry work more efficiently through them. A little knowledge about science, electronics, electrical components, and mathematics will undoubtedly help the students learn the theories more easily but we can provide a way around for students who don’t have prior knowledge about such subjects.
We cover but are not limited to: Identifying components of laptop and motherboard details, binary representation, bit & bytes, expansion slots architectures. Installing and configuring disks, cd rom drive etc, recover lost files and directories, networking concepts, portable devices, etc. All the laptop courses available with us are supervised and maintained by the teachers and professionals that we have hired – they are aware of the vision we have for our students and how we want to make everything easier for them and the industry as a whole. We will help you in being ready for the entry-level jobs and making a career in your desired field.

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